Mexican Sugar Mold Candle

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History of the Mexican Sugar Mold Candles The Mexican Sugar Mold Candles hold a special place in the heart of Mexican culture, reflecting a rich history that dates back to the colonial era. Initially crafted to produce sweet sugar cones (piloncillos) sold as street snacks, these molds evolved into exquisite candle holders. Today, these candles

Copalera and Copal Day of the Dead Altar

The Copalera and Copal – a Perfect Spiritual Duo

The Copalera and Copal – a perfect spiritual duo. Learn all about the beautiful copalera and how, with copal, it has been used for centuries. The Copalera The Copalera is a traditional incense burner used in many Latin American cultures during religious and spiritual ceremonies.   Copal, a type of resin obtained from the copal tree,

Ritual Candles

Ritual Candles

Ritual Candles – what are they, how do you use them, are they evil? Let’s talk about it… Ritual Candles Explained Ritual candles hold a special significance across various cultures, including Mexican and indigenous traditions. These candles are not just sources of light; they symbolize hope, intention, and connection to the spiritual realm. In many

Curanderismo medicinal herbs

Curanderismo – It’s Culture, History, & Significance

This Curanderismo blog post aims to educate and offer resources for those interested in learning more about the significant role curanderas and curanderos play in their culture. Please respect curanderas, their cultures, and their history at all times. Te Calmas O Te Calmo never condones cultural appropriation. Curanderismo: What Is It? Curanderismo, a traditional healing