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How to Rest In Our Busy Cultura

How to Rest | Descansar in our Busy Cultura In Mexican and indigenous cultures, there is a strong focus on hard work and commitment, rooted in generations of resilience. While these values are significant, it’s important to acknowledge that our ancestors also valued balance. Traditional customs like siestas and relaxation rituals emphasize the importance of


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Bilingual Affirmation Cards For Kids

Bilingual Affirmation Cards

Bilingual Affirmation Cards For Kids Benefits of Bilingual Affirmation Cards for Kids Incorporating bilingual affirmations into your child’s daily routine can be a beautiful and enriching practice. Not only does it honor the rich tapestry of cultures and languages, but it also fosters a deep sense of well-being and self-love. Here are five reasons why

Ritual Candles

Ritual Candles

Ritual Candles – what are they, how do you use them, are they evil? Let’s talk about it… Ritual Candles Explained Ritual candles hold a special significance across various cultures, including Mexican and indigenous traditions. These candles are not just sources of light; they symbolize hope, intention, and connection to the spiritual realm. In many

Jessica Mandujano Te Calmas O Te Calmo


Hola! I’m Jessica Mandujano Jessica Mandujano, co-owner of Te Calmas o Te Calmo – a Self Care Tiendita. The past few years I have put a lot of effort into prioritizing my mental health, as a mom to two little ones it hasn’t been easy! Meditation and crystals have been incredible tools for me and