Feeling out of sorts lately? Perhaps it's time to try a limpia, or an evil eye egg cleanse! This traditional Mexican ritual, passed down through generations, can help to cleanse you of any negative energies you may have picked up along the way.

If you've been feeling off, or have been around someone whose vibes just didn't sit right with you, the evil eye egg cleanse could be the answer. This ritual uses the purifying nature of eggs to absorb and dispel the bad energy.

So What's the Deal With Eggs?

Well, these little guys are natural energy absorbers. They’re perfect for performing an Evil Eye Egg Cleanse and drawing out the negative energy, leaving you feeling lighter and brighter. Ready to try it out? Here’s how you can perform your own egg cleanse:

  • Respect the Ritual: Approach the cleanse with good intentions and focus.
  • Prepare Your Space: Cleanse your egg in salt water, prepare a clear jar of lukewarm water, crack a window, light a white candle, and smudge yourself, your egg, and your space.
  • Cleanse: Starting from the crown of your head, move downward as you cleanse your body with the egg. Repeat three times.
  • Examine the Egg: After your cleanse, crack the egg into the jar of water and let it sit for five minutes. What you see can tell you a lot about the energy you’ve cleansed.
  • Dispose of the Egg: Do not eat the egg after the cleanse. Instead, dispose of it by flushing it down the toilet or pouring it down the sink.

Remember, this is not a replacement for medical treatment. If you’re feeling physically or mentally unwell, seek professional help.

Still feeling those bad vibes after your egg cleanse?

If, after your egg cleanse, you still feel the negative energy around you and within you – my advice? Find a curandera (a healer). Ask around if you don’t know of any. If you are in the Treasure Valley Idaho area, my good friends at Nuestra Gente Wellness are wonderful.

You can also follow up your egg cleanse with burning some incense – sage is great for cleansing the energy around you, palo santo can be used to also remove negative energy as well as increase positive energy, and copal is known to ward off evil spirts and block negative energy.

Evil Eye Egg Cleanse Readings

  1. Clear Water – your energy was good, no need to do another cleanse.
  2. Webs – this is a sign that negative energy was removed from you , the webs represent the bad energy leaving the egg. Do another cleanse in a day.
  3. Bubbles – big or small, this can mean that negative or bad energy was removed and absorbed into the egg. (IMO the bigger the bubbles the more negative energy was removed) Do another cleanse in a day. 
  4. Blood – blood can be a sign that a curse was put on you. Do another cleanse in a day. If you are able to, see a curandera (healer).
  5. Face  – a face in the egg can be a sign of an enemy. Do another cleanse in a day.
  6. Cloudiness – this could mean you are suffering from mental fatigue, brain fog, stress. Do another cleanse in a day and practice some self care. 
  7. Eye – an eye can symbolize that the evil eye was indeed placed on you. Do another cleanse in a day. If you are able to, see a curandera (healer).

My Evil Eye Egg Cleanse Story

My mom has been know to have the evil eye, but not in a horrible way this was a more innocent type of evil eye. For example she would go to my Tia’s house and comment on how beautiful her roses were and then a couple days later they were all wilted. To this day if my mom comments on how lovely something is we tell her to touch it so she doesn’t give it “ojo”. 

Here is another type of evil eye. Not that long ago I had an interaction with someone that I just knew meant me ill.  I could feel the hatred. For a few months I was sick over and over, my kids were sick over and over, and even my very healthy husband was near organ failure. After talking to a friend she said “I think that person put a curse on you”…immediately I thought of Mal de Ojo | Evil Eye. I called my Mom and she agreed. I did a limpia right away and here were my readings. 

Evil Eye Egg Cleanse Day 1 Results

Day 1

BIG bubbles…huge bubbles. This told me that a lot of negative energy was transferred into the egg. 

Evil Eye Egg Cleanse Day 2 Results

Day 2

So many thick webs but no bubbles. This told me that more negative energy was removed but less than the day before with the big bubbles.

Evil Eye Egg Cleanse Day 3 Results

Day 3

The water was much clearer!

Have you tried an egg cleanse before? Let us know your experiences and thoughts in the comments. Remember to stay positive, maintain good vibes, and love the journey you’re on!

Solo Buenas Vibras - Jessica