Protecting Yourself Against the Evil Eye

As a firm believer in the Evil Eye one thing I had to research was evil eye protection – or how to protect yourself against the evil eye. Let’s get into it.

Evil Eye Protection – Can I protect myself against the evil eye?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Evil Eye protection is out there and one thing I’m never going to do is gatekeep something that can help someone better themselves or protect themselves. 100% there are ways of protecting yourself against the evil eye. You can not only protect yourself but you can protect your loves ones, you can block that ish and you can remove it as well!

Protection against the evil eye (mal de ojo)…what can I do?

Evil eye protection, let’s get to it (don’t you hate when articles put the good stuff at the end?). How can you protect yourself against the evil eye? One thing you can do is wear evil eye jewelry and make sure you smudge them before wearing them. Keep the evil eye symbol around you at all times. I even put the evil eye emoji into my social media bios. Social media is full of people that are watching you but not always happy for you – block them out with the evil eye emoji. And go a step further, keep some things private. Not everyone deserves to be let into your life.

Crystals! There are so many powerful crystals to protect you. My favorite is black tourmaline and clear quartz. 

If you have negative encounters and feel that someone might be sending you bad vibes, smudge as soon as you can. I even take my smokeless smudge spray with me when we travel and as we return to our hotel room – everyone is smudged. This is really the reason I created this Smudge Spray – Solo Buenas Vibras, it’s not always convenient, or allowed, to light a smudge stick and we travel a lot. Having this smokeless smudge spray option is perfect for on the go! 

Feeling like you may be cursed with the evil eye? Try an evil eye egg cleanse or Limpia. This egg cleanse is known to remove negative energy. Depending on your readings I’d suggest you do the egg cleanse for at least three days or if you are really feeling bad, seeing a curandera (healer).

Lastly, surround yourself with high vibration people and people that only wish the best for you. If someone is consistently giving you bad vibes or you know that they do not wish you well – stay away! 

Sending you buenas vibras…


This is not a medical replacement – if you are feeling physically ill see a doctor, if you need assistance with your mental health, contact a therapist or counselor or talk to someone you trust. 

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