Hola! I'm Jessica Mandujano

Jessica Mandujano, co-owner of Te Calmas o Te Calmo – a Self Care Tiendita. The past few years I have put a lot of effort into prioritizing my mental health, as a mom to two little ones it hasn’t been easy! Meditation and crystals have been incredible tools for me and adding in incense has been wonderful to help increase the positive energy around/within me and also cleanse the negativity. I am also a big believer in Mal de Ojo aka The Evil Eye and keeping protection crystals around me have helped but adding copal, which is known to ward off evil spirits, has also helped me block any negativity that might be headed my way.

I knew that I wanted to create something out of my love for palo santo, copal, sage, and other calming techniques but it wasn’t until I started burning my incense in my mini chimenea that it all clicked. After joining TikTok on a whim, I added a video of my mini chimenea and I woke up to tens of thousands plays and likes. So many people wanted to know how to get their own mini chimenea, how to get their palo santo to burn longer, and when I would be starting my own store. I took that as a sign that I needed to get my tiendita up and running and I haven’t looked back since!

So why “Te Calmas o Te Calmo”? IYKYK, am I right? My daughter (5 at the time) was so upset about a broken toy one day, she just couldn’t stop crying. After telling her that she needed to calm down because she was going to make herself sick she responded (through sobs) “I don’t know HOW to calm down”…I was floored. Of course she didn’t know! She didn’t have the tools for that and if we’re being honest, I myself had just learned those tools through therapy. It got me thinking about how many times kids are told “te calmas o te calmo!” but never given the tools! *Light Bulb Time* I decided to take back that saying and turn it into something positive.

Being a planner by nature it has taken me a couple months to get everything just right. The packaging, the suppliers, the labels, the stickers…and here it is!

Enjoy the site, enjoy the products…I hope it brings you positivity and high vibrations. Gracias!

Jessica Mandujano

co-owner of Te Calmas o Te Calmo and owner of JET Marketing & Consulting where I specialize in WordPress websites for women entrepreneurs. 

Alex mandujano

Alex Mandujano, Jr.

The Mandujano families rock, protector, provider, and over all fix it guy! Alex is a Yakama Nation tribal member and was raised in Wapato, Washington. He's a salesman by heart but loves to be outdoors fishing, hunting, and watching the grass grow with a glass of bourbon (neat). Alex is usually working our booths (or at least setting them up!), he has a big say on our product line, handles all the paperwork and is always supportive! #YakamaNation 


The heart of our casita. Joaquin is a warrior. He was born with a rare chromosomal disorder called Emanuel Syndrome that affects all aspects of his development. He needs a one on one caregiver and is THE reason that his mama is a stay at home mom. He's a strong kiddo that always beats the odds!


If you're lucky you'll meet our youngest at one of our booths. She's a perfect mix of Mexicana and Yakama. She dances folklorico, loves making tortillas with one grandma and loves making fry bread using her other grandma's recipe! She's a perfect mix of her mom and dad, and the best sister to her big brother!

When you support our tiendita, you're supporitng our little family and we are so grateful. Gracias!

The Mandujano’s