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History of the Mexican Sugar Mold Candles

Piloncillo a sweet Mexican treat made with Mexican Sugar Molds

The Mexican Sugar Mold Candles hold a special place in the heart of Mexican culture, reflecting a rich history that dates back to the colonial era. Initially crafted to produce sweet sugar cones (piloncillos) sold as street snacks, these molds evolved into exquisite candle holders. Today, these candles serve as a symbol of traditional Mexican artistry and are cherished both in Mexico and across the globe.

The evolution of sugar cones into ornamental candle holders demonstrates the inventiveness and artistry of Mexican craftsmen. The sugar molds, reflect the skill and passion of the artisans, safeguarding a part of Mexico’s cultural legacy for future generations. 

With their roots deeply embedded in Mexican history and culture, Mexican Sugar Mold Candles embody the spirit of creativity, tradition, and artistic expression. By incorporating these candles into your home decor, you not only infuse your space with a touch of Mexican heritage but also support the preservation of traditional craftsmanship.

Let the warm glow of a Mexican Sugar Mold Candle illuminate your surroundings and remind you of the beauty and artistry that have been passed down through generations.

Mexican Sugar Mold Candles

Wood Wick

Our Mexican Sugar Mold Candles are made with high quality beeswax, essential oils, and are centered with a wood wick. When you light a wood wick candle, you’re setting the stage for a unique sensory experience that goes beyond just scent. The gentle crackling sound of the wood wick as it burns adds a cozy ambiance to your space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This soothing sound can be especially beneficial for relaxation, meditation, or simply unwinding after a long day.

Wood wick candles are known for their extended burn time in comparison to traditional cotton wick candles. Crafted from sustainable materials like cherry wood, the wooden wick burns steadily and evenly, providing a longer-lasting candle experience. This feature not only adds value to the candle but also allows you to relish its fragrance for an extended period.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal and extended burn time, our Mexican Sugar Mold Wood Wick candles are crafted from high-quality bees wax, which burns cleaner than paraffin wax, reducing indoor air pollution. This makes them a healthier choice for you and the environment. So, when you choose our wood wick candle, you’re not just indulging in a luxurious experience – you’re also making a mindful choice for your well-being and the planet.

Wood wick mexican sugar mold candle

How to Use Your Mexican Sugar Mold Candles

The Mexican Sugar Mold Candle, known for its uniqueness and beauty, comes with a gold tin to hold the candle. This tin provides an easy way to replace your wood wick candles with little mess. When your wood wick candle finishes burning, just warm it up under hot water or with a hair dryer to clean out any remaining wax. Your sugar mold tin will then be ready for a new wood wick sugar mold candle.

Replacements candles can be purchased here. 


Check out our variety of Wood Wick Mexican Sugar Mold Candles available in eight delightful scents. Choose your favorite or collect them all!



Bergamot is a delightful blend of citrusy and floral notes. Imagine inhaling the refreshing aroma of ripe bergamot oranges, with a hint of sweetness and a touch of floral undertones. The scent is bright and uplifting, perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room. Light up a bergamot candle and let its soothing fragrance envelop you in a warm embrace, transporting you to a tranquil orchard where the sun-kissed fruits are in full bloom.


Cedar wood essential oil

Cedarwood is warm and earthy, with notes of wood and a hint of sweetness. It evokes a sense of coziness and relaxation, bringing the outdoors inside. The aroma of Cedarwood is grounding and calming, perfect for creating a serene atmosphere in your home. Light up our Wood Wick Mexican Sugar Mold Candles in Cedarwood to unwind after a long day and fill your space with its comforting fragrance.


Jasmine flower

Jasmine is truly enchanting. As the flame dances and flickers, it releases a delicate and floral fragrance that fills the room with a sense of peace and serenity. The sweet and slightly exotic aroma of jasmine evokes images of lush gardens and warm summer evenings. Its soothing scent can transport you to a place of relaxation and tranquility, making it a perfect choice for creating a calming atmosphere in any space. Light a jasmine-scented candle, close your eyes, and let yourself be carried away on a fragrant journey of blissful relaxation.


Lavender stems

Lavender is an enchanting blend of floral sweetness with a subtle herbal undertone. As the candle burns, it releases a calming and soothing aroma that fills the room with a sense of tranquility. The fragrance of lavender is known to promote relaxation and reduce stress, making it a popular choice for creating a serene ambiance in any space. Close your eyes and imagine a field of blooming lavender, captured in a single candle, ready to transport you to a state of peaceful bliss with every gentle flicker of the flame.


Sandalwood incense

Sandalwood is a warm and woody aroma that evokes a sense of calm and relaxation. It carries a subtle sweetness with earthy undertones, creating a comforting and inviting atmosphere. The scent of sandalwood is often used in aromatherapy for its grounding and meditative properties, helping to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. When you light our Wood Wick Mexican Sugar Candles in Sandalwood, you are enveloped in a gentle fragrance that soothes the senses and brings a touch of nature into your space.

Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange Fragrance

Sweet orange is like a burst of sunshine in a jar. Imagine walking through a blooming orchard on a warm summer day, with the citrusy aroma of ripe oranges enveloping you in a comforting hug. The sweet notes of orange mingle with hints of zesty freshness, creating a delightful and uplifting fragrance that instantly brightens any space. Lighting a sweet orange candle fills the room with a sense of warmth and happiness, inviting you to relax and unwind in its cheerful ambiance. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the sweet orange scent transport you to a place of joy and tranquility.



Vanilla is like a warm hug for your senses. It fills the air with a sweet and comforting aroma that instantly brings to mind cozy moments by the fireplace or freshly baked treats in the kitchen. The soft fragrance of vanilla is soothing and inviting, creating a peaceful ambiance that helps you unwind and relax after a long day. Light a vanilla-scented candle and let its gentle fragrance envelop you in a cloud of serenity and bliss.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang bloom

Imagine walking into a tropical garden at dusk, where the air is filled with the sweet and intoxicating fragrance of ylang ylang. Ylang ylang is like a warm embrace, with its rich, floral notes that transport you to a serene oasis. The aroma is both calming and uplifting, creating a sense of tranquility and bliss. Close your eyes and let the scent of ylang ylang envelop you in its comforting embrace, like a gentle whisper of nature’s beauty.

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